Premises Liability Attorney

In Florida, the owners/lessors of property are responsible for the safety of their guests or customer.  

A guest/customer is considered a “business invitee” and the business owner is obligated to make sure the premises are free of any dangerous conditions.

This may include slip and fall type injuries that occur on the property, but it also includes situations where an assault has happened on the property because the owner/lessor failed to provide adequate security.

These types of cases usually involve owners and property managers of stores, restaurants and other businesses, apartment buildings and hotels, parking lots, as well as homes and other private property.

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Premises liability claims involve slip and fall injuries, assaults, drownings, and other injuries caused by:

•    spilled substances that cause slippery floors and surfaces;
•    uneven walkways and/or steps;
•    insufficient lighting in stairwells and parking lots;
•    insufficient or negligent security;
•    dangerous or unsupervised swimming pools;
•    animal attacks

Whatever the safety violations or negligence, the injuries that are caused by these violations can have a serious impact on the injured person’s life and in some cases the violations can cause death.

Victims of slip and fall accidents are entitled to compensation for medical care, loss wages, permanent disability or disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Additionally, in the case of a sexual assault or mugging caused by insufficient or negligent security, these victims may also receive compensatory damages for psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress and anxiety.

This is only a brief overview of this area of law.  To learn more about your specific case call now!

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