Insurance Disputes

In Florida, insurance companies are required by law to fulfill their contractual responsibilities made to their policyholders.

If your insurance company breaches your contract of insurance, you have a right to compensation for that breach. Additionally, the insurance company may be acting in “bad faith”.

These types of cases are called first party claims and the court will not only award damages to the policyholder, but also attorney fees to be paid by the insurance company.

Examples of insurance disputes where the policyholder has been wronged by their insurance company:

•    insurance companies refusing to pay or reimburse an expense that was covered under the insurance policy;
•    subjecting a policyholder to unreasonable and extreme measures in order to process a claim;
•    homeowners insurance companies failing to pay for damages due to a sinkhole claim;
•    health insurance claim disputes where the insurance company refuses to pay the reasonable charges of the healthcare provider for services rendered to the policyholder for his medical and/or surgical problems;
•    acting in “bad faith” in failing to settle a claim against the policyholder for the policy limits, thereby subjecting the policyholder to personal liability

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